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Modular Buildings

Over the years manufactured buildings have been referred to as trailers, prefabs and the like. In today’s world if you’re thinking modular buildings are still trailers, you better think again! The new modular is constructed according to the same codes as site built homes and offices. Wood or metal framed, multistory and uncompromising quality, this is the new modular. Perimeter steel chassis, steel columns and open web steel truss are the norm these days. Set these buildings onto a concrete foundation, apply stucco and you can’t tell them from a site built structure. That is unless you writing the check. Permanent modular buildings cost less, are built better and, when set on a concrete foundation, become part of the real property. If you want to know more of what the new modular industry can do for your company, give Preferred Modular a call at 800-606-1166. We’re ready to brag.

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